Trump supporter divorced by his wife after his love for the president causes her 'frustration and embarrassment'
Trump supporters at a rally in Minnesota on March 4, 2017. (Fibonacci Blue/Flickr)

Does Donald Trump's presidency have the power to destroy love itself?

That seems to be the case with one woman who divorced her husband of 24 years because she could no longer stand his support for the president.

Voice of America News reports that Jennifer Merrill decided to file for divorce because her husband's love of Trump had become a source of "frustration and embarrassment" for her.

In particular, Merrill tells VOA News that she grew fed up with her husband ridiculing her for going to protests against the president.

"He had no sensitivity for how I felt, that I felt so strongly about it, especially when I was going out and doing protests... and he would just laugh about it and continue to defend [Trump]," she tells the publication. "So that just made me very, very angry."

It seems that Trump's presidency is causing friction in many more relationships as well.

VOA News cites a study from nonpartisan firm Wakefield Research claiming that "22 percent of people in their 20s and 30s report breaking up with someone over political differences." The same survey shows roughly 33 percent of Millennials say they know of at least one marriage that has been negatively impacted by Trump's election.