Trump supporters humiliated when Daily Show asks them if they've read the Ukraine call 'transcript'
A supporter of President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump has repeatedly advised his followers to read the readout of his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

However, the Daily Show recently attended a Trump rally in which it asked supporters if they had taken the president's advice -- and none of them had.

Correspondent Jordan Klepper asked multiple Trump fans what they thought of impeachment and they unanimously called it "bullshit."

When asked about specifics of the case, however, they could not articulate why they believed there was no case to be made.

"Read the transcript!" one Trump supporter told Klepper in response to his question about impeachment.

"Have you read it?" he asked.

"I have... not," he admitted.

"But we should read the transcript?" he asked.

"We should!" he replied.

A different Trump supporter also admitted to not reading the transcript but said that he really didn't need to because the president told him he didn't do anything wrong.

"I trust the word of our president, man," he said.

Still another Trump supporter said that he read "most" of the transcript before being forced by Kepper to admit that he had "skimmed" the transcript.

He then admitted that he didn't have time to do much reading about the president's impeachment.

Watch the video below.