Ukraine whistleblower under constant threat of violence from Trump fans -- and gets driven to work by armed guards
A Trump supporter threatens to burn down Revolution Books in Berkeley, California (Screen cap).

The government official who filed a whistleblower complaint that led to the impeachment of President Donald Trump at times has to be driven into work by armed guards due to threats of violence against him by Trump supporters.

The Washington Post reports that the whistleblower is accompanied by armed security officers when threats against him spike -- a phenomenon that is "often seemingly spurred by presidential tweets."

Trump has regularly targeted the whistleblower in his tweets, and has demanded that the whistleblower testify publicly despite the fact that his identity is supposed to be held in secret.

The Post also reports that the whistleblower is just one of many national security officials who are now seen as "enemies" by the president and his loyalists -- and some of these "enemies" were appointed by the president himself.

"The list of perceived enemies continues to expand, and now is composed of officials Trump or his own subordinates hired," the paper reports. "The hostility they face comes not only from Trump loyalists — whether inside the administration or launching attacks from right-wing media sites — but a substantial swath of the Republican Party."