Watch Rachel Maddow summarize the impeachment report in 78 words -- spoken in 46 seconds
MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow (screengrab)

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow on Tuesday briefed her viewers on the contents of the 300-page impeachment inquiry report released by the House Intelligence Committee.

In addition to her summary, Maddow said Americans seeking to educate themselves on the report could also check out the "short, readable executive summary."

If the 22-page executive summary is too much, there's also a four-page preface.

Maddow also noted that people could just read the sub-headlines from the executive summary and learn a great deal in only 78 words.

Here are the sub-headlines that Maddow put on on a graphic -- and read in less than a minute:

  • The President’s Request for a Political Favor
  • The President Removed Anti-Corruption Champion Ambassador Yovanovitch
  • The President’s Hand-Picked Agents Began the Scheme
  • The President Froze Vital Military Assistance
  • The President Conditioned a White House Meeting on Investigations
  • The President’s Agents Pursued a “Drug Deal”
  • The President Pressed President Zelensky to Do a Political Favor
  • The President’s Representatives Ratcheted up Pressure on the Ukrainian President
  • Ukrainians Inquired about the President’s Hold on Security Assistance
  • The President’s Security Assistance Hold Became Public
  • The President’s Scheme Unraveled
  • The President’s Chief of Staff Confirmed Aid was Conditioned on Investigations