White woman's racist tirade caught on camera in crazed parking lot confrontation

A white woman's racist rant was caught on camera this week after she had a public meltdown over what was apparently a disputed parking spot.

At the start of the video, which appears to have been filmed in Ontario, Canada, the woman can be seen calling an Asian woman a "f*cking ch*nk" before berating her for not properly using her directional blinker when she turned into a parking spot.

"Guess what -- even in China they have signal lights!" she shouted. "That's what you do when you see a signal! It's called, you use it!"

The white woman also ran up to the woman filming her and tried to punch the phone out of her hand. When the white woman approached the Asian woman again, the Asian woman stuck out her leg to prevent her from slapping her again.

The white woman then grabbed her phone and called the police on the Asian woman even though she was the one who first initiated physical contact.

"You kicked me you b*tch!" she shouted.

Watch the video below.