Witness Pamela Karlan to Congress: 'If you don't impeach... you are saying it’s fine to do this again'
Norm Eisen and Pamela Karla (CNN/screen grab)

Stanford Law School Professor Pamela Karlan warned Congress on Wednesday that future presidents would abuse their power if President Donald Trump is allowed to get away with bribery and other abuses of power.

At a House impeachment hearing, Karlan was asked about impeachable conduct.

"Because this is an abuse that cuts to the heart of Democracy, you need to ask yourselves," Karlan said, "if you don't impeach a president who has done what this president has done -- or at least you don't investigate and then impeach if you conclude that the House Select Committee's findings are correct -- then what you're saying is, it's fine to go ahead and do this again."

Karlan suggested that there is a "clear and present danger" to the U.S. election system.

"It's your responsibility that all Americans get to vote in a free and fair election next November," she added.

Watch the video below from CNN.