Iran state media claims 30 killed in missile strike -- but no casualties reported by US or Iraq
General Qasem Suleimani in civil dress during a public ceremony in 2015. Photo by the Ali Khamenei website.

The Iranian government "caught America off guard" with ballistic missile attacks at military bases in Iraq that house US troops -- and Iranian state media are claiming to have killed 30 American service members, according to the Tehran bureau chief for NBC News. But Iraq's military said it sustained no casualties and President Donald Trump said initial casualty assessments indicated "all is well".

Ali Arouzi reports Iran state media is claiming to have killed 30 troops, though Arouzi noted that the report has not been confirmed and CNN is reporting that the casualties were Iraqi soldiers, not Americans.

He said "Iran is all in right now" and "all bets are off."

"If the U.S. retaliates, this is going to blow up beyond any imagination," he Arouzi warned.