Adam Schiff scolds Pam Bondi for Trump’s witness intimidation to answer her process complaints
Adam Schiff and Pam Bondi (Photo: Screen capture)

Former Attorney General Pam Bondi (R-FL) went down in flames during her only opportunity to speak on the Senate floor as part of President Donald Trump's defense.

In her accusations lodged at the House team, Bondi said that two men that Democrats requested weren't allowed the agency's lawyer to attend the deposition with them. Both Robert Blair and Michael Duffy only wanted to speak to the House if the lawyer for their department was present, not a private lawyer. The rules that Democrats used for their hearings were ones that Republicans actually outlined and members of Trump's own legal team actually argued in favor of.

In fact, "House rules have never allowed witnesses in investigations to bring government lawyers," said Capitol reporter Andrew Feinberg. Private lawyers are allowed.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) politely fact-checked her. The internet wasn't as kind. You can see some tweets and the video below: