Airline dumped jet fuel all over students at their school playground: report
Jetliner (screengrab)

Dozens of first responders are converging on an elementary school in Los Angeles after children outside on the playground were reportedly being doused by jet fuel.

"An airplane returning to Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday morning dropped what was believed to be engine fuel onto a school playground, striking several students at Park Avenue Elementary School in Cudahy," the Los Angeles Times reported, citing local officials.

Seven schoolkids and six adults are being treated for minor injuries, with 70 firefighters and paramedics on the scene, the newspaper reported. However, KTLA reports the number is seventeen children and nine adults.

"L.A. City Fire spokesperson Nicholas Prange said two classes were outside when the liquid rained down shortly before noon. Students and staff were instructed to go indoors and remain there for the time being," the LA Times reported. "The jet landed safely at LAX soon after. Police could be seen driving behind the plane with sirens wailing as it arrived."

KTLA identified the plane as a Delta Air Lines Boeing 777.