Cartoon Chief Justice tells Susan Collins to just quit and 'go become a lobbyist' already
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) -- (Photo: screenshot)

Cartoon Chief Justice John Roberts began the latest season of Stephen Colbert's animated show, which began its new season Sunday.

Facing the U.S. Senate, Roberts observed Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) dressed as a mouse.

"Oh no! Mouse in the chamber! Everybody forget this vote and run!" the cartoon senator said.

"Senator Collins, just go be a lobbyist," cartoon Roberts said.

As Roberts explained the rules to the chamber, Collins was then spotted spilling gasoline on the floor.

"Everyone, please remember, this is the United States Senate," Roberts said. "We must not degrade the sacred institution home to Strom Thurmond. Let us comport ourselves with dignity, prudence, and Senator Collins, what are you doing?"

"Oops! I spilled my gasoline," she said. "Better wipe it up with some Strike Anywhere Matches."

As the episode began, NBC News host Lester Holt began his daily broadcast describing the impeachment as "the only trial where the jury and the defendant are best friends."

While the attack was a little on-the-nose, Collins won't likely find it amusing as her poll numbers show her deeply underwater. She was also named this month as the least-liked senator in the United States, beating even Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who was previously winning the contest.

Watch the opener below: