CNN's Fredricka Whitfield flattens Trump apologist for hilariously bad defense of the president
CNN host Fredricka Whitfield and Republican Trump shill Jim Schultz (Photos: Screen capture)

CNN host Fredricka Whitfield did battle with President Donald Trump's official apologist on the network, Jim Schultz.

Schultz quoted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who said that if Democrats want witnesses, then all witnesses should be available to be called. The problem is that Republicans want to call people that weren't even involved in Trump's obstructions of Congress. Republicans want to call Vice President Joe Biden and his son, there are likely some Republicans who want to call Hillary Clinton to talk about Benghazi again, and they'll likely search for reasons they can randomly call Democratic officials in Congress, who also had nothing to do with Trump's actions.

"Well, even Adam Schiff, right, how did this investigation begin? How credible was this investigation? All of those things factor into relevancy because it goes to the credibility of the investigation," Schultz claimed.

Republicans have wanted the whistleblower to appear so that they can legally out him and attack his life and his family. Generally, in a court, a witness is not on trial. An example some legal scholars have used is that when a person calls the fire department to report a fire, they are generally not attacked in an arson investigation for making the call to authorities.

Whitfield asked if it was even realistic to propose something like that, which Schultz conceded didn't appear likely.

Schultz then tried Trump's talking point that Democrats couldn't first-hand witnesses and documents for their trial. The reason, of course, is that the president is obstructing Congress. By attacking Democrats for not having the witnesses and documents, Republicans are admitting that the president is obstructing the proceeding.

"But they are claiming obstruction of Congress, which means the White House barred people who were being subpoenaed to show up or documents that were subpoenaed from being handed over. So, hence, the Article of Obstruction of Congress," Whitfield hit back.

"That's a made-up crime, quite frankly," said Schultz.

"That is what happened, though, right? One of them did stop testimony from people who were subpoenaed?" Whitfield hit back.

Schultz floundered from there.

Watch the full video below: