Colbert hilariously mocks 'old man' Trump for not having any idea what day it was at his Wisconsin rally
Stephen Colbert (CBS)

"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert cracked up at President Donald Trump for the bizarre topics he discussed at his Milwaukee, Wisconsin rally Tuesday night.

Aside from his old favorites like ranting about old light bulbs and the fact that he thinks you have to wash dishes ten times before they finally get clean.

Trump also gave props to the military, saying that they were better at flying jets than Tom Cruise. Presumably, Trump meant the character Tom Cruise played in "Top Gun," not the actual Tom Cruise, who doesn't fly jets. Colbert did his own version of the Trump speech in his hilariously bad impression.

"Better at flying jets than Tom Cruise in 'Top Gun.' Better at making cocktails than Tom Cruise in 'Cocktail.' Better at raining men than Tom Cruise in 'Rain Men.' Better at interviewing vampires," Colbert joked.

"Then Trump dug into specifics, like, when is now?" Colbert asked. He played a clip of Trump telling the audience they likely didn't have anything better to do on whatever night it was.

"And is there ever, ever, a better place to be than a Trump rally on some night during some week?" Trump asked the audience.

"He really has no idea what day it is," Colbert laughed. The CBS host then slipped into his Trump impression: "I'll never forget the wonderful night and/or day we're having here, in unnamed, screaming place, USA!"

Watch Colbert's hilarity below: