'Comparing yourself to terrorists?' Internet cracks up at Trump saying dead 9-11 hijackers got more justice than him
(Photo: stock_photo_world / Shutterstock.com)

President Donald Trump quoted Fox News host Mark Levin that left many scratching their heads. Levin, who has a show on Sunday evenings, claimed that the terrorists from Sept. 11 got more due process than the president.

The claim was a curious one because, as many on Twitter noted, it's not often that the president of the United States compares himself to a terrorist. Secondly, the 9-11 hijackers all died in the attack, as they were on the planes that crashed into the buildings and into a Pennsylvania field.

Trump is known to quote Levin frequently, though the citations often make the president look worse.

An example is a time Levin, a member of the free press, attacked the free press.

In another incident, Levin attacked Democrats for not doing anything about Russians, China or North Korea when they were in power. To be fair, Trump has been in power for three years, and also hasn't been able to do anything, so that comment didn't age well.

In another comment about Trump's call with Ukraine, he seemed to confuse a summary of the call with a transcript. He asks "Can’t we read English?" but neglected to read the part of the document that said it wasn't a direct transcript. As with most stories, reports, or investigations, there's often more to a story than one source.

But the worst of Levin's ignorance was on display with his Sept. 11 comment. You can see the responses to it below: