Democratic senator says she gets more 'disheartened' every day hearing GOP deny evidence and witnesses
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

Day after day, Republicans senators find new excuses to dismiss the evidence they hear that in any courtroom would convict an ordinary American citizen. It was enough to make normally happy Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) feel "disheartened" by the whole process.

"As somebody from Michigan, we believe in commonsense, and you can't look at all this and say, 'is this how somebody would act if they were innocent?'" said Stabenow. "All of this coming out over and over again. I'll never forget Adam Schiff on the floor saying to all of us, 'Nobody's saying, well, gosh, Donald Trump would never do that.' The truth is it's all about will he get away with it? It's all about, are they going to be successful in hiding it and so on?"

She explained that the new revelations out in John Bolton's book say it all, and she would like for him to be testifying before the U.S. Senate.

"And if the president has nothing to hide, then he should not be objecting to his national security advisor coming forward and saying what he knows," the Michigan senator said. "And in fact, this is the trial. It doesn't matter what happened in the House in terms of process. They can argue process, point fingers. This is it is the trial, the moment for him. And he has a very favorable Senate leader and a majority of Republicans, certainly a Supreme Court Chief Justice appointed by a Republican president. He couldn't have any more favorable circumstances to give his side of the story to prove his innocence. But that's not what they're doing because they can't dispute the facts."

When asked if she thinks Republican would vote to allow new evidence and witnesses, she acted like she doubted it would happen.

"I'm very concerned," she confessed. "I get more and more disheartened every day about this, and when we listen on the White House managers basically not contest, 'Yes, he made the call. Yes, he held back the funds, and he broke the law. Yes, he was coercing a new Ukrainian leader for his own political gain.' I feel like they're using the Mick Mulvaney defense, which is, 'Yes, the president made the call. Yes, he withheld the funds. The president can do anything he wants, so get over it.' That's basically, in the end, what they're saying and I am concerned. I'm the eternal optimist, but I am concerned folks may be more interested in being done with it, rather than facing the facts. Folks are going to have to decide do they want to hear the truth or hide the truth?"

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