Fox & Friends guest goes off the rails in rant against Iran: 'They need to come back limping and begging!'
Pete Hegseth (Fox News/screen grab)

President Donald Trump's favorite morning show on Wednesday featured a crazed rant from guest Pete Hegseth, who encouraged the president to wage a full-scale war against Iran to ensure they come back "limping and begging" to the negotiating table.

"When I hear talk about, well now it's time to get back to the table and talk, I say they need to come back to the table for talks on their nuclear capabilities. They need to come back limping and begging, not seething. So will this be enough, will this end here? I don't think so! Not even close, and not because people like me want to escalate."

Hegseth and co-host Ainsley Earhardt then baselessly speculated that Iran would hide massive weapons caches in its most revered cultural sites to take advantage of the prohibition against destroying such sites during war.

"If we want to defeat them, we have to think smart about how these rules -- how we navigate within these rules without playing a game that's rigged to help them so that we can't win," he said. "If we're going to fight to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear bomb, this regime, then we need to rewrite the rules that are advantageous to us."

Hegseth also recommended that Trump "take out key infrastructure, take out missile sites, take out nuclear developments" within Iran.

Watch the video below.