Fox News’ Melissa Francis claims Cory Booker left the presidential race because ‘he’s lazy’
Fox News host Melissa Francis (Photo: Screen capture)

On Monday, Sen. Cory Booker became the latest Democrat to leave the 2020 presidential race. And Fox New’ Melissa Francis used Booker’s departure to take a cheap shot at the New Jersey senator, claiming he left the race because “he’s lazy.”

Addressing co-hosts Harris Faulkner, Jeanine Zaino and other co-hosts of Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” Francis claimed, “We’ve had Democrats on the couch who’ve worked with him who say that he’s lazy.”

Zaino, sounding surprised, responded, “Cory Booker?” — to which Francis responded, “Yeah.”

Zaino, however, didn’t buy Francis’ explanation but did assert that Booker lacked a strong message as a presidential candidate.

“I would not suggest that Cory Booker is lazy,” Zaino stressed, “but I do think the campaign, from the beginning — he could not find his footing.”

Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones had similar thoughts, saying, “Well, he really did not have a message to begin with. He talked about a lot of progressive ideas, but he kind of was under the radar, most of the debates. He did not have a breakout.”

You can watch the video below, via Media Matter: