'Gift to Dems': Internet unleashes on #GOPCowards for anti-witnesses vote that made #ImpeachmentTrialSham
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

The Senate finally held the vote to decide whether to call witnesses in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump Friday evening.

It was a vote that was expected to break in Trump's favor with just two Republicans saying they wanted to hear witnesses. An astounding 75 percent of Americans said that they wanted to hear what the witnesses had to say in the impeachment trial, but Republicans were willing to take the bullet for the president.

It is expected that former national security adviser John Bolton was willing and eager to testify to the Senate and that his testimony would confirm the House's case against the president. Republicans stood in a near-unified blockade to prevent any further evidence to come forward.

It was a move that prompted frustration and outright furious comments on Twitter through most of Friday, with hashtags like #RIPGOP, #RIPAmerica, #ImpeachmentTrialSham, and #GOPCowards.

At least one person predicted that this would be a "gift" for Democrats in the 2020 election, particularly senate races.

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