'His Senate enablers will pay a price': Experts predict the fallout from Trump's impeachment trial

It was never in doubt. President Donald Trump was going to be acquitted on both articles of impeachment. But many are feeling stunned today – not because he will “get off” – but because of the craven disregard by Sen. Lamar Alexander, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the entire GOP caucus for a fair trial. Not calling witnesses – actually blocking witnesses – will come back to hurt them.

But what happens next?

Riding what he will say is a victory for the U.S., Trump will be interviewed during Sunday’s Super Bowl. He will declare well before that, and repeatedly after, that he has been exonerated (he will not have been.)

On Tuesday, Trump will deliver his State of the Union address. He will again declare victory and exoneration, however false.

Legal and political experts and activists have some predictions about what else is about to happen and it’s not pretty. They’re also offering suggestions on what Democrats should do as soon as the trial is over, which likely will be Friday afternoon.

Take a look:

Former federal prosecutor, CNN Legal Analyst:

Activist and artist:

Editor in Chief of Lawfare and NBC/MSNBC law analyst:

Editor in Chief, Crooked Media:

Law professor, former US Attorney, MSNBC contributor:

National security lawyer:

Professor of international relations, political scientist, journalist, CEO:

Law professor at UC Berkeley Law:

Lawyer and researcher:

GOP media strategist and Never-Trumper:

Clinton 2016 campaign press secretary:

Law and justice writer-in-residence at Columbia University’s Knight First Amendment Institute:

Final thought, conservative Bill Kristol: