Hugh Hewitt gets stomped after pledging 'chaos' vote for Bernie Sanders: 'He’s as partisan as they come'
Hugh Hewitt appears on NBC (screen grab)

Conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt found himself trending on Sunday after people reacted harshly to his analysis of impeachment.

During an appearance on Meet the Press, Hewitt argued that President Donald Trump's action in Ukraine did not rise to the level of an impeachable offense.

Hewitt also revealed that he planned to vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Virginia Democratic presidential primary as a way to foment chaos among Democrats.

Even though Hewitt said that he would vote for Trump in the general election, he explained that he was casting a primary vote for Sanders so that Americans could see what a real socialist looks like.

Conservative trolls like Rush Limbaugh have often encouraged Republicans to spread "chaos" by voting in the Democratic primaries.

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