'I like to obey the law': Trump backtracks on plan to 'blow up' Iranian cultural sites
Donald Trump speaks from The White House Oval Office (CNN/screen grab)

President Donald Trump on Tuesday backed away from a threat to bomb Iranian cultural sites, which would be considered a war crime.

Trump made the remarks while speaking to reporters from the White House Oval Office.

"They are allowed to kill our people," the president complained. "They are allowed to maim our people. They are allowed to blow up everything that we have and there's nothing that stops them."

"And according to various laws, we are supposed to be very careful with their cultural heritage," he said. "And you know what? If that's what the law is -- I like to obey the law."

The president seemed disturbed that Iran can "kill our people and we have to be very gentle with their cultural institutions."

"But I'm okay with it," he added.

Watch the video below from CNN.