Indiana Republican senator agrees Trump did it -- he just won't vote to convict
Sen. Mike Braun

Republican Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana is the latest to admit that what President Donald Trump has done was wrong, but he still won't vote to kick the president out of office.

Speaking to Fox News congressional reporter Chad Pergram, Braun made his conclusions after the House spent a little over one day making their case. No witnesses have been called nor has evidence been subpoenaed from the White House. But Braun already agrees Trump is guilty of what the House is accusing him.

"Where I am coming from, is that, probably the discussion of all of this wasn't appropriate, it's obviously gotten the president into an entanglement," he said. "It is just not impeachable. And the sentences either you're gone. You don't get off. You know, for probation."

"I think that all of this has to boil down to the fact that working in a process where your verdict is binary," he also said. "This is a death sentence or any elected official, and you better have a case."