Internet chomps 'pretending lawyer' Jay Sekulow for wasting time playing video of Pelosi passing out pens
Jay Sekulow and Nancy Pelosi (CNN/screen grab)

Jay Sekulow, an attorney for President Donald Trump, suggested on Monday that the president should be acquitted at his impeachment trial because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) handed out pens as souvenirs after signing the articles of impeachment.

Sekulow made the statement on the Senate floor as a part of his defense of the president.

"Think of the history, the solemnity of what we're engaged in here in this great body," Sekulow began, comparing the Senate process with the House's handling of impeachment.

Sekulow then played a clip, not of impeachment hearings, but of the signing of the articles of impeachment. Pelosi can be seen handing out pens as is traditionally done at major signings.

"Pens!" Sekulow bellowed. "Distributed! To the impeachment managers! A celebratory moment!"

In fact, there were no smiles or other signs of celebration in the video shared by Sekulow.

"Think about that!" Sekulow demanded. "Think about this. A poignant moment."

Watch the video below from CNN and read some of the reactions from Twitter.