'Irresponsible and ludicrous': Scholar cited by Dershowitz obliterates his argument in favor of Trump's acquittal

Harvard Law School professor Nikolas Bowie has frequently been cited by Trump attorney and fellow Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz in his arguments at the president's Senate impeachment trial.

However, CNN on Thursday invited Bowie on the air to ask what he made of Dershowitz's arguments in favor of acquitting the president -- and he quickly labeled them "irresponsible and ludicrous."

First, Bowie knocked down Dershowitz's argument that the president cannot be impeached for "abuse of power" because it does not constitute a crime.

"Abuse of power is a crime," he said. "There are people around the country that have been convicted of it recently. It's a crime that's existed since the country was founded and it's a criminal offense."

Bowie then dismantled Dershowitz's case that the president cannot be impeached for engaging in a quid-pro-quo agreement aimed at helping his reelection because the president believes that his reelection is in the nation's best interest.

"Think of what that would mean," he said. "That would mean that if the president were to order the military to start rounding up black people because he's afraid of losing the next election, and so long as the president is motivated by the 'national interest,' as long as the president is motivated to get reelected then that's fine? That can't be right... that is such an irresponsible and ludicrous argument."

Watch the video below.