Ken Starr is an awful choice for Trump's legal team because he'll look like a hypocrite: Former federal prosecutor
Ken Starr (CNN)

President Donald Trump has a severe hypocrisy problem, and it has extended to his legal team. In a CNN explainer answering legal questions from viewers, former state and federal prosecutor Eli Honig explained that the choice of Ken Starr for Trump's legal team was a terrible idea.

Trump has chosen lawyers that are like a Fox News legal discussion panel. Pat Cipollone, Alan Dershowitz, Robert Wray, Pam Bondi and Jay Sekulow are all key people Trump has called on to defend him. But one person stands out, Honig explained. Ken Starr.

"He may emerge as a symbol of hypocrisy," Honig said. "He was the independent counsel who pursued Bill Clinton in the 1990s. Ken Starr turned over Heaven and Earth in his investigation of Bill Clinton. He talked to everyone who ever had known Monica Lewinsky, ex-boyfriends, teachers, window washers. And here he's going to say you shouldn't be hearing from primary witnesses?"

Honig also explained that as someone who had such a huge problem with perjury, he now seems to be defending it.

"Most fundamentally, he tried to get Bill Clinton thrown out of office about lying under oath about sex," said Honig. "Now, he will be defending a president who has been accused of using his power to persuade a foreign country to investigate his political rival."

While Americans have a short memory of a lot of things, the sex scandal involving Clinton and the Republican freakout isn't one of them.

Ironically, Trump has blasted Starr as a "freak," alleging he has "something in his closet." He also alleged Starr is a "lunatic" and a "disaster."

Watch Honig's comments below: