Ken Starr is leading Trump's defense team -- years after Trump called him a 'lunatic' and a 'wacko'
Ken Starr (CNN)

According to reports, President Trump has selected who will defend him as his impeachment trial in the Senate ramps up. But as the Washington Post's Aaron Blake points out, one of the members of Trump's newly-selected legal team was once a target of his ire.

When Kenneth Starr led the impeachment effort against former President Bill Clinton, Trump was not a fan.

“I think Ken Starr’s a lunatic,” Trump said at the time. “I really think that Ken Starr is a disaster.”

"I really think that Ken Starr was terrible," he added.

In another interview, this time with Geraldo Rivera when Hillary Clinton was running for state senator of New York, Trump brought up Starr's name again.

“[Bill Clinton] had a very tough life the last few years,” Trump said. “I mean, what could be tougher than that? I mean, can you imagine those evenings when he’s just being lambasted by this crazy Ken Starr, who is a total wacko? There’s the guy. I mean, he is totally off his rocker.”

Why the turnaround? According to Blake, it's because Starr has wooed Trump thanks to his appearances on Fox News.

"Saying things that Trump likes on cable TV is a surefire way to gain his good graces, and Starr has certainly done that," Blake writes. "Starr began appearing on Fox News during the early days of the Russia investigation to cast doubt on the evidence. And Trump noticed and quickly began hailing the legal analysis of the man he once repeatedly labeled a crazy person."

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