Law professor who studied under Alan Dershowitz shreds his 'shockingly wrong' case against impeaching Trump
Alan Dershowitz on Fox News/Screenshot

Aya Gruber, a professor at the University of Colorado Law School who studied under Trump impeachment attorney Alan Dershowitz at Harvard, had some uncharitable words to say about her former professor's argument against impeaching the president.

"Dershowitz was my criminal law prof, and he was a good one," Gruber writes on Twitter. "But as a crim law prof myself, I can say his motive argument (Congress shouldn't examine the internal motives of POTUS so long he could have had a good reason for withholding aid) is shockingly wrong."

She then goes on to detail why Trump's true motive for withholding aid is irrelevant if it is established that he did so until Ukraine launched an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden, which is what former Trump national security adviser John Bolton will reportedly claim in his upcoming book.

"The crux of any bribery or bribery type case is the defendant's desire to obtain something of personal value," she argues. "This is actually intent, not motive. So with Trump, the very question is whether he withheld aid with intent to receive the personal benefit of dirt on Bidens. Trump's motive for getting the dirt (He fears Joe winning, hates Hunter, just rolls that way) is secondary. The important question is whether he sought a personal benefit. If not, it's not bribery or abuse. If so, then it is bribery or abuse."

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