'Like watching someone get worked up over a dog show': Internet mocks 'corrupt' Pam Bondi trying to impeach the Bidens
Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is a defense lawyer at the impeachment trial (screengrab)

President Donald Trump's legal team brought up Pam Bondi at the end of the first day, where she proclaimed that the Republicans didn't want to have to address Joe Biden, but they're now forced to because the House brought it up. It was a hilarious claim since it has been the Republican's excuse for Trump breaking the law to begin with.

Bondi was criticized for basically doing what Ukraine refused -- smear the Biden family and put them on trial. But as one professor and legal analyst pointed out, if what the Bidens had done was illegal, Attorney General Bill Barr would have prosecuted them. It's been nearly four years and he still hasn't.

Bondy then went on to attack "nepotism," claiming that Biden's son working for a company in Ukraine wasn't above board. The web couldn't help but notice the hypocrisy of the statement, given Trump's own children work in the White House, are employed by his campaign and the Republican Party and many conservative groups who bought Trump's son's book to donate to their donors.

It's for this reason, some wondered if Bondi instead thought she was supposed to impeach the Bidens instead of defending the president.

Others couldn't help but recall the $25,000 bribe that Bondi took from Trump's foundation so she would drop Florida out of the lawsuit against Trump University. That donation ultimately got Trump into trouble and his charity was forced to close down and pay a hefty fine.

Bondi also was caught making double with Biden's son was from Qatar.

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