‘Lindsey Graham epitomizes why people hate politics’: Democrat Jaime Harrison rips the GOP senator on MSNBC
Composite image of Sen Lindsey Graham and Jaime Harrison (screengrabs)

Controversial Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was blasted on MSNBC on Friday for a credibility crisis with voters after seeming to now claim the exact opposite views on impeachment as he held when it was a Democrat being tried.

MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews played conflicting clips of the South Carolina Republican, noting that "Graham has flipped on a number of topics."

However, the difference is that Graham had a safe seat in Congress during Bill Clinton's impeachment, which let him safely play the role of Republican bomb-thrower. But now that he's in the U.S. Senate, Graham is facing a tough 2020 re-election challenge from Jaime Harrison.

Harrison worked for House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) and went on to work as the executive director of the chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party.

In the final three months of 2019, Harrison's campaign raised $3.5 million, which was described as "another record haul" by The State.

"His campaign said the average contribution during the quarter was $27 from 67,000 individual donors, and 112,000 different contributions, including contributions from every county in the state," the newspaper reported, noting he had more than $4.6 million on hand.

"This fourth quarter haul tops his contributions from earlier in 2019. The third quarter he brought in $2.2 million. The second quarter of the year he brought in $1.5 million," The State noted.

With his fundraising success, Harrison has been receiving national media attention.

"What is it that you can tell us about Lindsey Graham that we haven't seen in his jumping back and forth on every side of both issues, whatever, the kiss-butt performance of him over the last several months with this president -- is that as bad as it gets, which is pretty bad?" Matthews asked.

Harrison said, "I have quickly come to realize that Lindsey Graham epitomizes why people hate politics. He will say and do anything."

if you had to come up with the theme of that article, it is, you can't trust Lindsey Graham.

"He has his own best interests at hand and everybody else be damned," Harrison explained. "And so, it's just sad, it's very sad."

"The people of South Carolina are hungry for somebody who will fight for them, who will put them up above themselves and right now, we don't get that in Lindsey Graham," he added.

"It's about character, it's about integrity," Harrison added.