'National disgrace': Chuck Schumer condemns Mitch McConnell's impeachment 'cover-up' in fiery speech
Sen. Chuck Schumer (CBS News)

On Monday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) blasted GOP Leader McConnell (R-KY), calling his impeachment trial rules a "cover-up" and a "national disgrace."

"It's now certain that Leader McConnell is going along with President Trump's cover-up hook, line and sinker," said Schumer. "When you look at his resolution, it's no wonder he delayed it until the last minute. He didn't want people to study it or know about it."

In particular, Schumer took issue with McConnell's demand that the Senate have the right to reject the House's evidence from being entered into the record, and the time limit forcing evidence to be presented late into the night.

"After reading McConnell's resolution, it's clear McConnell is hell-bent on making it much more difficult to get witnesses and documents and intent on rushing the trial through," continued Schumer. "On something as important and serious as impeachment, Sen. McConnell's resolution is a national disgrace. Sen. McConnell repeatedly promised the senators, the public, the press, that his rules for the trial would be the same as the rules in the Clinton impeachment. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sen. McConnell's rules dramatically depart from the Clinton precedent in ways that are designed to prevent the Senate and the American people from learning the truth about President Trump's actions that warranted his impeachment."

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