PA Democrat's Trump support and opposition to Obamacare comes back to haunt her

Pennsylvania Democrats Jessica Benham (South Side) and candidate Heather Kass (Carrick) are set to face off for the seat in state House District 36 after it was left open for grabs by longtime Democratic state Rep. Harry Readshaw, who announced that he would not be seeking reelection. Both politicians are seeking the coveted endorsement of  the Allegheny County Democratic Committee, but thanks to the resurfacing of some past social media posts, Kass's chances of receiving that endorsement just became less likely.

According to a report from the Pittsburgh City Paper, past posts from Kass show that she formerly supported Donald Trump. In 2015, Kass wrote on her personal Facebook page in all caps, “THESE LAZY NO GOOD IDIOTS SUCKING THE SYSTEM DRY AND I STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM,” adding, “GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!” The post was intended as a criticism of Obamacare.

In another post from 2014, Kass shared a link from the right-wing group Freedom Works, asking people share the post if they agree that Hillary Clinton should never be president. A post from just last August on Kass's Facebook page pushed a popular conservative pro-gun meme.

Speaking to the Pittsburgh City Paper, Pittsburgh City Councilor Bruce Kraus (D-South Side) said that Kass's posts were "troubling," especially the one that slammed Obamacare.

“To read the post about speaking out against Obamacare troubled me,” Kraus said. “Her writing about how it is this entitlement … is a really alarming position for someone who wants to be a state representative. Someone who needs health care is exactly the kind of people you would be representing.”

“I assume that she was clearly a Trump supporter in the 2016 election,” Kraus added. “The conclusion I must draw is that she is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Read the full report over at The Pittsburgh City Paper.