Republicans ‘are sure to be humiliated’ if they ignore John Bolton’s revelations: conservative columnist
John Bolton appears on Fox News (screen grab)

In a piece published at The Washington Post this Monday, Jennifer Rubin points out that the recently leaked details from the unpublished manuscript of John Bolton's upcoming book "raises a host of problems for Republicans."

According to Rubin, one problem is that the revelations eradicate the White House's defense that "Trump’s actions were guided by concern about burden-sharing and corruption generally in Ukraine." Rubin also contends that the White House’s refusal to allow Bolton’s testimony and production of notes is "prime evidence of the article of impeachment regarding obstruction of Congress."

"Third, Bolton’s account and Trump’s denial highlight there is a critical question of fact that can be answered only by Bolton’s appearance and production of his notes, on which the book was likely based," Rubin writes. "The more Trump tweets denials, the more obvious it becomes that Bolton’s testimony under oath is essential."

The conservative columnist goes on to say that it would be the "personification of a coverup born of cowardice" if Republicans refuse to "demand evidence" that's "practically right under their noses."

If Republicans ignore the revelations from Bolton's manuscript, "they are sure to be humiliated within months if not weeks."

"Either way, the incriminating evidence against Trump will come out. The only question is if they want to be seen as accomplices in a failed coverup scheme."

Read her full piece over at The Washington Post.