Republicans claim Democrats leaked John Bolton's book that was given to the White House -- then quickly back down
Rep. Mark Meadows

In a bizarre twist, Republicans are blaming Democrats for releasing information included in John Bolton's book.

Speaking in a line of Republicans, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) explained that it was clear Democrats were part of some kind of conspiracy to turn senators against the speedy trial the White House wanted. With the revelation that Bolton confirmed President Donald Trump was indeed trying to bribe Ukraine, a very few Republican senators are more willing to call him as a witness.

The problem, of course, with Meadows' accusations is that the manuscript was never sent to Democrats. According to the New York Times report, Bolton sent the book to the White House for security checks to ensure nothing he put in the book was classified.

Meadows went so far as to claim that he has "evidence" that the Democrats were behind it. He then quickly backed down, saying he doesn't have proof, but that there is a history of Democrats giving information to the press.

Either someone from the White House or someone from Bolton's team or publishers leaked the information included in the manuscript.

See Meadows' trying to make the case below: