Republicans looked 'visibly uncomfortable' while Adam Schiff was 'mauling' them at start of impeachment trial: report
Rep. Adam Schiff (CBS News)

As Senators began their debate this Tuesday afternoon over the rules that will guide the Senate's impeachment trial of President Trump, Yahoo News reporter Jon Ward was in the Chamber for the proceedings. According to his observations, Republicans sat looking “uncomfortable” as Adam Schiff made the case for removing Trump from office.

“I sat in chamber for entire Schiff speech," Ward tweeted. "That was a mauling. Trump team thought they were there to debate process and Schiff ambushed them with a full-throated case for impeachment. Republicans were visibly uncomfortable. Sekulow and [Cipollone] responses were rambling and bombastic.”

Speaking on the Senate floor his Tuesday, Schiff called on Senate Republicans to conduct a fair trial and allow Democrats to call witnesses and put forth new documents as evidence.

“The most important question is the question you must answer today: Will the president and the American people get a fair trial?” Schiff said.