Republicans will never convict Trump — no matter how much more damning evidence comes out: MSNBC analyst
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME). Image via screengrab.

Axios reporter and MSNBC analyst Jonathan Swan commented that there has been such a huge amount of documents that exposed President Donald Trump for an impeachable international conspiracy. Swan explained that it won't matter what is discovered, Senate Republicans won't do anything to convict Trump.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews mentioned the alleged "tail" on former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch to monitor her when overseas. He asked how it is any different from the Watergate burglars attempting to wiretap the Democratic Party. One major difference is that it was monitoring a member of the United States government through her official government-issued devices.

Joshua Geltzer, former national security council senior director for counterterrorism, told Matthews that it sums up Trump's actions in one word: corruption because he using taxpayer resources for his own private gain.

"Chris, we have photos, photographs," Swan said of the evidence Parnas released. "We don't need new documents to know that Lev Parnas and Donald Trump had more than — there are photographs of the two of them next to each other! This is all out there. This is why, okay, we've got this new trove of 700 things. We basically know what happened. We have the documentary history of this. It's all out there. People are going to decide whether it's impeachable or not. From what I can tell, we've seen more signs of it, and I saw comments from Susan Collins today, they're not going to vote to convict this guy. They're just not going to."

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