Rick Wilson: GOP senators will be 'drowning in public anger' after they aid Trump's coverup
Rick Wilson appears on CNN/Screenshot

Conservative political strategist Rick Wilson had some harsh words for Republicans in the Senate as they prepare to act as purportedly impartial jurors at President Donald Trump's impeachment trial.

Writing on Twitter, Wilson predicted that Republicans would dutifully toe the line for the president who has been accused of violating his oath of office by trying to shake down the Ukrainian government to launch investigations into his political opponents.

"You're going to moo and walk into the chute like cattle, terrified of Trump and Mitch," Wilson said.

However, Wilson warned that the real day of judgement would come for Republicans in November and he said it was likely that even more damning evidence against the president would emerge after his acquittal.

"When you're underwater in the polls, drowning in public anger at becoming accessories to Trump's coverup, here's a handy list of what went wrong," Wilson wrote. "A.) The facts of Ukraine will never, ever get better for Trump. You know this. B.) Truth outs. Bolton's book hits. Documents leak. More people come forth. C.) *TRUMP* admits it. You know he will. D.) The polls are not going your way."

Wilson this week also warned Republicans that Trump would screw them over even after they helped him get away with abusing his office for his personal benefit.