'She will lose my vote': Maine voters tell MSNBC they're ready to kick Susan Collins out of office
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME). Image via screengrab.

MSNBC traveled to Maine this week to get a sense of how voters there feel about Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) -- and it looks like the moderate Republican is making a lot of people unhappy.

In interviews, both supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump's impeachment said they were upset with how Collins is sitting on the fence and wringing her hands about whether to call witnesses at the president's Senate impeachment trial.

"She will lose my vote when she runs again," pro-impeachment Maine voter Stevie Colburn tells MSNBC, although she also held out hope that Collins would agree to call witnesses and subpoena documents in the president's trial.

Trump supporters who talked with MSNBC also said they were growing tired of the senator's act.

"I'd like to see her be more on the team and support this guy," Trump supporter Rob Hopkins said. "I think Susan tries to play both sides and appease everybody too much."

"She's following her typical course of wavering all the time," GOP voter Sue Hopkins added. "As far as her playing both sides, I find that... I don't like it. Let's put it that way. And would I stand by her? No."

Watch the video below.