State Department retaliated against NPR by kicking reporter off Mike Pompeo’s plane: report
Kremlin photo of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

The U.S. State Department appears to be retaliating against National Public Radio (NPR) after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo suffered a caught-on-tape meltdown following an interview with NPR "All Things Considered" co-host Mary Louise Kelly.

According to PBS "Newshour" reporter Nick Schifrin, the State Department kicked NPR diplomatic correspondent Michele Kelemen off of Pompeo's jet.

"State Department removes NPR’s Michele Kelemen from Sec. Pompeo plane--where she was scheduled for a pool radio rotation--during upcoming trip to London, Kiev," Schifrin reported.

AFP State Department correspondent Shaun Tandon blasted the move on behalf of the State Department Correspondent's Association.

“We can only conclude State retaliating against NPR as result of this exchange. State press corps has long tradition of accompanying secretaries on travel, we find it unacceptable to punish individual member of our association," he wrote.