'That’s not the definition of imminent‘: Pompeo gets grilled over inconsistent Iran remarks at tense press briefing

During a press briefing this Friday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was grilled over the recent targeted killing of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani by the US, with reporters asking him about the exact nature of the threat Soleimani allegedly posed to warrant the airstrike that killed him.

In one exchange, CBS News reporter Paula Reid questioned Pompeo over his use of the word "imminent," pointing out that Pompeo seemingly contradicted the White House's message by saying the US didn't know precisely how the threat would pan out.

"That's not the definition of 'imminent," Reid said. "The President has also suggested that there was some sort of attack being planned against an embassy, perhaps several embassies -- can you clarify? Do you have specific information about an imminent threat, and did it have anything to do with our embassies?"

Watch the exchange below:

Pompeo was later asked why the specifics of the threat were not mentioned behind closed doors during a meeting with multiple senators. According to Pompeo, the threat was mentioned during the closed-door briefing.