The intelligence community believes Iran will attack the US 'in secret': report
President Donald Trump and Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (composite image)

NBC News correspondent Ken Dilanian reported on MSNBC Sunday that the intelligence community believes the attacks against the United States by Iran aren't over.

During a panel discussion, Dilanian said that Republicans attacking Democrats as "terrorists" may score points for them with their base, but if the attacks from Iran aren't over, it won't work out well for the GOP.

"Nobody that we talked to in the intelligence community thinks that's the end of Iran's reaction to this," said Dilanian. "The way they operate is they will do something in secret without attaching their name to it. It will be an assassination, terrorist attack, they have proxies. They will hurt us all over the world. So, if Americans are killed and intelligence points back to this attack, that could change the political calculus."

Last week, things seemed to stabilize and Iran appeared to want to deescalate the tensions with the U.S. It's unknown if that will continue.

Watch the segment below: