'The president's lying -- that should matter!' CNN's Berman unloads on GOP for blowing off Bolton revelations
CNN's John Berman reads from special counsel Robert Mueller's indictment of Roger Stone (Screen cap).

CNN's John Berman on Tuesday expressed frustration at the idea that Republican senators could still vote to acquit President Donald Trump even after leaked excerpts of former national security adviser John Bolton's book further implicated the president.

During a panel discussion about Bolton's book, which reportedly alleges that Trump directly linked releasing military aid to Ukraine with investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman warned that the book may not be the big game changer that many have been hoping to see.

"I'm somewhat more skeptical that this is going to necessarily lead to witnesses," she said. "It might. I just think that we really don't know, and I think the desire for Republicans to have this wrapped up fairly quickly remains strong."

This inspired Berman to go on a short rant about how irresponsible it would be for Republicans to pull the plug on the trial without hearing from Bolton first.

"If what John Bolton says is true, then the president is lying," he said. "And he's lying about something at the center of an impeachment trial, lying about something the American people have been focused on for months, lying about something that's not minor, and it just seems to me that should matter! In some universe, that should matter!"

Watch the video below.