The Russian military is now deploying its hackers to hunt for dirt on Biden too: report
The CIA source reportedly had top-level access to Russian leader Vladimir Putin Sputnik/AFP/File / Mikhail Klimentyev

On Monday, The New York Times reported that Russian military officials have moved to hack into Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company on whose board former Vice President Joe Biden's son sat.

The move suggests that the Kremlin is now also trying to hunt for the dirt on Biden that President Donald Trump tried to extort out of the Ukrainian government by withholding military aid.

"The Russian tactics are strikingly similar to what American intelligence agencies say was Russia’s hacking of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman and the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 presidential campaign," reported the Times. "In that case, once they had the emails, the Russians used trolls to spread and spin the material, and built an echo chamber to widen its effect."