'The stupidity is real': Twitter mocks Trump for thinking people on the ground can't see 'stealth' planes
President Donald Trump

President Trump seems to be under the impression that "stealth" planes are invisible to the naked eye, and he said as much during a speech in July of 2018 before the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Kansas City.

"This is an incredible plane," Trump said at the time, speaking of the F-35 Lighting II fighter jet. "It's stealth—you can't see it. So when I talk to even people from the other side, they're trying to order our plane. They like the fact that you can't see it. I said, 'How would it do in battle with your plane?' They say, 'Well we have one problem—we can't see your plane.' That's a big problem. Stealth, super stealth. The best in the world. We make the best military equipment in the world. Also, remember this: jobs."

Trump is apparently on that kick again. According to CNN reporter Daniel Dale, Trump told an audience of Michigan workers today that he might deploy some F-35s to a local air base, but he wasn't so sure they'd see the fighter jets when they come in.

"Actually they're totally stealth, so maybe you won't see them come in," Trump reportedly said. "You won't see them come in."

Unsurprisingly, Dale's account of Trump's words invited a wave of mockery on Twitter: