'Their undoing will inevitably come': Rev. William Barber explains why Trump-loving evangelicals are doomed
People worshiping (Photo: PxHere)

The Rev. William Barber on Wednesday took a hammer to Trump-loving evangelical Christians who have clung to the president despite both his personal immorality and what Barber says is an immoral political agenda.

Writing in The Guardian, Barber recounts how Christianity has been abused throughout American history to justify injustices such as slavery and segregation to demonstrate that American Christians' embrace of right-wing authoritarianism is nothing new.

However, he does believe that these Christians have already planted the seeds of their own downfall by tying themselves so closely to the president.

"We can learn from the history how their undoing will inevitably come from their public arrogance," he writes. "While [former Confederacy President Jefferson Davis and pro-segregation Alabama Gov. George Wallace] had power, they did not have to listen to the cries of those who suffered from the injustice they used the Bible to justify. They found religious leaders who were willing to tell them lies in order to have access to their power."

Barber then shows how these lies eventually caught up with these religious leaders, just as he predicts they will catch up with today's Trump-loving evangelicals.

"But the ignorance they intentionally cultivated led them to misjudge the political realities of their day," he writes. "The Confederate States of America could not last. Wallace’s 1968 run for president revealed the limits of his political imagination."

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