Trump hammered for inventing new excuses to keep John Bolton from testifying before Congress
(AFP / Nicholas Kamm)

On CNN Saturday, Axios reporter Margaret Talev tore apart President Donald Trump's claim that he was invoking executive privilege against former National Security Adviser John Bolton's testimony for the sake of "future presidents."

"When President Trump talks about the continuity in office and how things should be done and always should be done, how the president says he'll make his own rules, just a couple days ago, the president suggested he would not stop the Senate, that would be a decision up to Mitch McConnell," said Talev. "So, looks like he's get something advice from his lawyers here. He's been a little inconsistent in how he would approach this."

"Democrats have argued for or against certain witnesses. Republicans have played this different ways," added Talev. "You can read a lot of tea leaves and completely diverging views of how it is going to be, but the question still remains, is there going to be witness testimony? And Mitch McConnell has not answered that question."

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