Trump lawyer cites former GOP senator to discredit impeachment — but leaves out he supports convicting the president
Robert Ray

During the Senate impeachment trial on Monday, White House lawyer Robert Ray attempted to contrast the impeachment of President Donald Trump with that of President Richard Nixon, by arguing that unlike in the former case, Republicans came together with Democrats to call for removing Nixon. As part of the comparison, he brought up then-Rep. William Cohen, who went on to become a U.S. senator from Maine and Secretary of Defense for President Bill Clinton.

"Together these six Republicans made history," said Ray. "They did so with no sense of triumph and no fist bumps."

What Ray chose not to mention, however, is that Cohen has specifically weighed in on the Trump case, and said that he should be impeached and removed over the Ukraine scheme.

"To me, it's an impeachable act," Cohen told the Associated Press last November, adding that if the accusations against him are true, Trump is guilty of "a form of bribery, a form of a high crime and misdemeanor."

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