Trump officials begged Iraq not to vote to kick soldiers out: report

Iraq's parliament voted to tell the United States military they had to leave Iraq after bombing Iranian targets in their country two weeks ago and after the decision to go after Iran.

According to Axios, President Donald Trump's administration worked to try and persuade Iraqi officials not to force out the military, two officials and an Iraqi government official told the site.

"I think it would be inconvenient for us, but it would be catastrophic for Iraq," a U.S. official familiar with the effort said. "It's our concern that Iraq would take a short-term decision that would have catastrophic long-term implications for the country and its security."

The resolution passed by the Iraqi parliament should expel U.S. troops, something Iran has sought for years. It's unclear what Iraq would do if Americans refuse to leave.

"But it's also, what would happen to them financially," the U.S. official added, "if they allowed Iran to take advantage of their economy to such an extent that they would fall under the sanctions that are on Iran?”

Anyone caught doing business or trade with Iran are violations of sanctions.

“We don't want to see that. We're trying very hard to work to have that not happen," the official explained.

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