Trump rally incompetence inadvertently revealed his campaign’s contempt for their own supporters: report
President Donald Trump at a 'Make America Great Again' rally (screengrab)

President Donald Trump's reelection campaign was blasted for misleading their Hawkeye State supporters in at a Des Moines campaign rally.

"Trump rally in Iowa is a total logistical sh*tshow," tweeted New York magazine Washington correspondent Olivia Nuzzi.

She explained how incompetent press outreach revealed the campaign's disdain for their own supporters.

"Dozens of pre-credentialed members of the press were forced to wait outside for over an hour (it’s 30 degrees) while staffers intermittently came out and yelled at us. Then, with no explanation, they permanently shut the doors," she wrote. "Since 2015, the Trump campaign has made it a practice to give out more tickets than rally venues have seats—overselling is a classic optics trick."

"Tonight the press saw the danger that can pose when an elderly woman was stuck outside with a man in a wheelchair, freezing. She didn’t understand how, if she had a ticket and her family saved them seats inside, security could deny them entry," Nuzzi wrote.