Trump criticized for trying to discredit John Bolton in Twitter tantrum: ‘You should fire the moron who hired’ him
Donald Trump and John Bolton

President Donald Trump is now trying to discredit his former National Security Advisor, Ambassador John Bolton, who has information on Trump so damning it could be the end of his presidency.

In a Twitter tantrum Trump attacked Bolton Wednesday morning, curiously not by name – presumably after reports said he had waived executive privilege previously by attacking Bolton.

It did not go well for the president, in large part because despite his war-mongering policies, Bolton is seen as tremendously credible by Republicans and Democrats alike.

But more so because, as so many point out, Trump hired him.

Trump has the worst hiring record of any president in history. He frequently hires incompetent people, dishonest people, and too many of them have ended up arrested, charged, convicted, and jailed.

As many on social media point out, Trump's claim he only hires "the best people" is a total fraud.