Trump whines impeachment is a distraction from his job — after spending Saturday at his golf course
Donald Trump plays golf at Trump National Doral (screen grab)

President Donald Trump lashed out at his critics on Saturday after returning to Mar-a-Lago from Trump International Golf Club.

"As hard as I work, & as successful as our Country has become with our Economy, our Military & everything else, it is ashame (sic) that the Democrats make us spend so much time & money on this ridiculous Impeachment Lite Hoax," Trump complained.

"I should be able to devote all of my time to the REAL USA!" he argued.

According to CNN's tally, by the end of 2019, Trump had "spent at least 252 days at a Trump golf club and 333 days at a Trump property as president."

"This year alone, he spent at least 86 days at a golf club, despite a late start due to the government shutdown. The golf excursions have included the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia; his Bedminister, New Jersey, golf club; Trump National Doral outside Miami; and Trump International Doonbeg in Ireland," CNN reported.

Trump has been vacationing in Florida since December 20th.