Trump White House begs government to stop labeling wall construction as 'replacement barrier'
Donald Trump Border Wall

President Donald Trump hasn't managed to build much of the border wall he swears is under construction. Instead, the funding that was allocated to deal with the border was to repair the existing fence that runs from south of San Diego to the Rio Grande.

According to the Washington Post, however, Trump really wants the government to stop referring to it as a "replacement barrier," because it flies in the face of his lie about the wall being built.

"Nearly all of the 100 miles of new fencing completed thus far is labeled 'replacement barrier' by CBP, but the White House has asked the agency to stop using that term because it sounds like less of an accomplishment," the Post reported.

Trump has tried to promote his wall, saying it was being built, but photos he tweeted ended up being prototypes for the wall instead of the real thing. During another update on the border wall, Trump's administration reluctantly revealed that very little has been done. When asked how much of the border fence that has been built was new, acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan confessed it was just three miles.

Now, Trump's wall is being held up in court because building it means he would have to steal land from Texas ranchers to build it. As it turns out, even Republican supporters of the president don't want to hand over their land.

Trump's team will have an event in Arizona next week celebrating their 100 miles of new wall, which is neither a wall nor new. It's the same fencing that has been built over several years prior to Trump. Which is why Trump's team is begging CPB to hide from Americans that they haven't made any progress.

“Our goal at the end of 2020 was 450 miles,” Morgan claimed. “It’s hard right now to be able to say whether we’re still going to be able to meet that goal, but I’m confident that we’re going to be close.”

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